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Support the Filthy, Wild-Eyed Bloggers

Sure, they may despise the feckless healthcare deal. Yeah, the villagers hate 'em. Yup, so-called Democrats run the other way. But dammit Jim, they're bloggers! And if you think times are tough for print journalists, the non-gravy train that briefly threw some crumbs the way of independent journalists and commentators a few years ago has dried up considerably - threatening to silence some crucial voices.

Two of those with tin cups rattling around the RSS blizzard this week were my blogging buddy Lance Mannion and everybody's favorite voice of conscience, Digby. I gave a tiny bit of personal stimulus money to each - and I ask you to do the same.

In this season of peace on earth and goodwill to men, don't you want to support those who would scorch the skin off Ben Nelson and Joe Liebercare? I know I do. Every night, a Senator goes to sleep in Georgetown safe and secure - you and I can change that with just a few clicks. Please give.

Digby here.

Sir Lancelot here.

Look for the handy tip jars - you're a big girl now.

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