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On Leaving Forbes

I have resigned as a contributor to Forbes.

Yesterday, I posted an interview with the executive director of Women, Action & the Media, a nonprofit organization dedicated to "building a robust, effective, inclusive movement for gender justice in media."

The editors found it inappropriate for the section of Forbes I have contributed my Social Ventures column to for the last three years - and they removed it this morning. I strongly disagree with their decision and we have parted ways.

Despite this, I appreciate the audience and platform Forbes provided, and am grateful for the opportunity to write about social entrepreneurship, citizens movements, new nonprofit models, and philanthropy. That conversation will continue elsewhere.

[I have posted tomwatson/sexism-and-the-media-as-election-heats-up-are-we-nearer-to-tipping-point-for-equality-a7d94d9a1280">my interview with Jamia Wilson at Medium and I consider her work, and that of feminist organizers everywhere, to be vitally important to the field of social entrepreneurship and to public life].

Thank you all for supporting my work - it is deeply appreciated.

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