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Rally, Bloggers, Rally!

Roy Edroso is the Ed Norton of liberal bloggers, stoicly patroling the lowest sewers of hard right hatred on a regular basis, yet emerging with the right blend of sunny, blogging delight. A call has gone up to light the signal fires for Roy, who is - I can testify for having shared a libation or three with the man - a treasure of insight into the modern political condition (baseball too).

The guy's fallen ill and lost his Bohemian love pad, and needs a hit of that substance we call money to get over the hump. Here's James Wolcott:

A restored, recovered Roy Edroso is vital to journalism and sanity, especially now that the House has been taken over an even crazier group of Republican crazies, a confederation of Atlas Shruggers and so a PayPal donation site has been samaritanly set up by a fan and frequent commenter at Alicublog named Jay B since Edroso himself, as TBogg explains, "refuses to ask for help...the big fucking martyr."

Dig in folks. I've made a small contribution and urge you to do the same. And here's a taste of Roy's classic blogging.

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