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April 19 2012


Social Ventures: My Columns at Forbes

I'm late in announcing this here (on my own blog - the cobbler's children run barefoot, I know) but I've signed to write the new Social Ventures blog over at Forbes. I admire what Forbes is doing in terms of bring in a variety of new voices, and I'm enjoying engaging a new audience there around social entrepreneurship, causes, philanthropy, nonprofits, social media, technology and the public commons. Yes, that's (intentionally) a very wide beat and I'm digging it immensely. Here are the first dozen Social Ventures columns - hope you become a regular reader.
Assange Launches Agenda-Driven Show on Putin’s Network: First Guest Is Hezbollah Chief
Springsteen’s Causes: Shifting Views of The Promised Land
The Masters and Augusta: Where’s the Outrage (and the Network)?
A Year Later in Japan: GlobalGiving and the Long Road
Obama’s Surprising World Bank Choice: Health Care as a Human Right
Smashing the World Bank Fortress: Sachs, Obama, and the Public Data Challenge
The #StopKony Backlash: Complexity and the Challenges of Slacktivism
The New Networked Feminism: Limbaugh’s Spectacular Social Media Defeat
Giving Days vs. Giving Daze: Looking for Engagement
Murdoch, Assange and the Need to Know
Pinterest and the Hype Factor
Who Are the Social Entrepreneurs?

February 08 2010


CauseWired’s Laptop/Printer Contest

Some lucky nonprofit or social entrepreneur is going to win a free free laptop and printer bundle courtesy of HP and CauseWired Communications!

But you’ll have to answer a key question first, in order to win: “How we’re going to use social media and web technology to change the world.” Drop your ideas and thoughts into comments, no more than 500 words please – and include a link to your organization or website.

Here’s the skinny on this give-away. It’s part of the HP Create Change effort. For every purchase from the Create Change site that is part of the HP direct purchase website, HP will donate 4% to one of the following seven nonprofits that you can designate. The nonprofits are: American Red Cross, CARE, DonorsChoose.org, Junior Achievement, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure, World Wildlife Fund.

You can download a widget for the HP Create Change effort form their site and follow their conversation on Facebook.

So what’s the deal with the contest? HP has asked me and a few social sector bloggers – Beth Kanter, Allison Fine, Katya Andresen’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog, Jolly Mom, and Amy Sample Ward – to ask our readers a question about social change. And then each of us bloggers will pick a winner from the comments on our blog.

Note: we’re not receiving anything. Only contest winners get the equipment. So let us know what you think!

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December 03 2009


Social Good, Social Contests

Online giving contests such as the Case Foundation's America's Giving Challenge are offering nonprofit groups new opportunities to raise money and awareness. How can charities make the most of these opportunities? Tom Watson, an author and consultant, and Kari Dunn Saratovsky, of the Case Foundation, in Washington, discuss the answers to this and other questions with Allison Fine, the host of Social Good.

via philanthropy.com

I enjoyed appearing on Allison's excellent Chronicle of Philanthropy podcast today with Kari Dunn Saratovsky of the Case Foundation. You can listen right here:

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